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A COMPLETE lineup of Services

Universal Computer Services is a full-service I/T business, incorporating integrity, dependability and technology to deliver outstanding and cost-effective solutions. Since 1991, we have specialised in offering a full range of creative solutions to your problems to minimize your costs and maximize your productivity.  We do what we say, we show up on time, and we provide a solution for your needs.

Computer & Laptop Services

• Cracked / Broken Screens

The Discovery Workshop we inquire about your desired brand voice, brand personality, customers, team, and secret sauce using a variety of interactive activities and brainstorming tools.

• Upgrades / Performance Boost

Why read motivational sayings? For motivation! You might need a bit, if you can use last year’s list of goals this year because it’s as good.

• No Power / Won't Boot

Informed by any previous work or workshops, we make precise recommendations on what changes to make across your website, content, emails, social media presence.

• Viruses / Malware Removal

Why read motivational sayings? For motivation! You might need a bit, if you can use last year’s list of goals this year because it’s as good.

Software Services

• Windows Upgrades

Getting notices from Microsoft that support is ENDING for your version of Windows?  Running an old / out-of-date version of Microsoft Windows?  We'll upgrade you to the latest version and save all of your data.  Save yourslef all the headaches and potentially lost personal files and pictures!

• Failed Updates

Windows 10 is NOTORIOUS for issues during Windows Updates.  Stuck in endless loops, blue screen of death, lost files, networks and printers missing, and worse.  All your files just GONE.  We'll fix your system and recover your files where possible!  You'll get your system back running the way it SHOULD.

• Install Other Operating Systems

Many people are considering or already HAVE switched to other Operating Systems such as the popular Linux Mint Desktop.  If YOU'VE been considering making a switch, we can help!  From bootable USB flash drives to test things out or use in a pinch, dual-boot systems with BOTH Windows & Linux side-by-side, or just converting your system to Linux alone, we can do it!

• Clean & Optimize

If your system is slow, bogging down, or running out of space, we can CLEAN & OPTIMIZE your system to restore it to good health.  Your system will run like it used to.  We'll tune it up for you.

Additional Services

UCS Hosting Company

• Hosting & Domain Names

UCS Hosts is a LOCAL, FULL-SERVICE hosting comapny able to meet any requirements for your particular needs.  You have COMPLETE CONTROL with your own cPanel Hosting, 24/7 access to your account, and the peace of mind of a solution backed by the best in the industry!

• Blue Ridge Visions

Blue Ridge Visions of Spruce Pine, NC is your complete web design services company!  We'll help you create, design and publish your website, update your old site, or add new features as you need them.  With tons of options, you aren't limited in any way by choosing a LOCAL SERVICE.  And we offer all kinds of Payment Options too!  Call today!

• Email, eCommerce & MORE

We offer eMail services (accounts, forwarding and more) as well as eCommerce solutions for any size online store.  From basic to unlimited plans, and anything in between, we're here to make your business succeed!  Just ask any of our current clients what we have done for THEM!

Associated Offerings

Universal Computer Services also offers you many other associated services you're unlikely to find from a typical "computer services" shop.....

• Search Engine Optimization

We identify your key words, links, competition and operational focus, then we devise a program to match your website or internet presence with the best search engine terms to bring the visitors you WANT to your site or your physical location.  It's science, but it's also an art.  We're good at it.  Let's talk about how we can get You what YOU want!

• Online Marketing

What good does a website do you if no one knows it's there?  Of even cares?  We'll make your site visible to the people you want to see it, we'll drive business to it, and we can even market you to specific regions or locales.  If YOUR business counts on vacationers, travelers, or locals, we can reach out and touch the folks looking for a business like yours.

• Management Solutions

Spending too much time on your website or none at all?  Are things too busy in the office to deal with the hassle of maintianing your web presence?  No one trained to do it?  We'll manage all of your web assets including your website, hosting accounts, email accounts, social media, and anything else you might need.  Don't let your website die a slow (or fast) death!  We can help!  Right now!

• Social Campaings

As social media becomes the more-and-more-frequent go-to method of contacting and researching businesses and organization, effective use of social media is becoming less optional.  We can help you manage all of YOURS.  From regular postings, media (photos and videos) and anything else that might attract attention to YOUR busioness brand, or organization, we can manage it!